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Photos courtesy of my friend
teacher & associate
David Wells, ERYT, CAS

Thai Hermit's Twists

Reusi Dat Ton, Luesii Dat Ton or Ruesri Dat Ton
Reusi (rishi - ascetic, sage)      Dat (stretch, twist, bend)      Ton (self)

A different branch of yoga...The Thai’s yoga!

The hermit’s postures & movements, self-massage, chant, visualization & meditation are coordinated with breath in the yoga that developed into Thai (yoga) massage

Recommended as a pre-requisite for learning Thai massage

Learn to TREAT YOURSELF when at home for PAIN RELIEF
Improve posture, balance, flexibility, range of motion, breathing, strength & stability
The perfect complement to Thai massage
Take active participation in your health care

Balance the body & calm the mind.
Prepare your body to sit in meditation or at a desk...

Moving, Breathing, Asanas – “Thai yoga”
Twists, bends and stretches are coordinated with a variety of breathing techniques
Visualization, chant, meditation

Giants, archers, arrows, elephants, deer, crocodiles, frogs, serpents, lions, tigers...
Shaking the Joints, Supporting the Sky, Offering the Jewel...

Stretches and holds are generally no longer than a comfortable breath
More do-able for those who say, “I can’t do yoga; I can’t bend like that...”

Unique, fun and challenging to those who have yoga experience

Break through stuck, unmoving barriers of inflexibility!

One On One Twist - personal customization of routine for you

Couples Twist - share the experience with a friend and not only save money,
but also have someone at home to practice with

Group Twist / Workshops - available for groups

I have the distinction of studying Reusi dat ton, with an actual lineage Reusi  and with his permission I am sharing this unique yoga with the public.






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