(from sufferers of fibromyalgia, scoliosis & thoracic outlet syndrome to yoga instructors to athletes & bodybuilders)

  • My chronic low back pain is no longer chronic

  • Look, I can bend my knees, ankles, wrists

  • For the first time in years I go days without pain

  • Never has anyone communicated so well with my anatomy

  • I have never been capable of bending so far over.

  • I am more balanced and grounded

  • I sleep more soundly

  • You are my new magician!

  • I’m breathing deeper & I am more calm

  • I feel taller

  • My posture has improved

  • My limbs hang freer from my body

  • I am aware of poorly used muscles I had forgotten

  • I’m in better form at gym… more weight & reps.

  • One session I am able to get into yoga postures which I have been trying for years

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