The Art of Placement - Feng Shui - (pronounced 'fung shway')
meaning – “wind & water.”

An ancient practice that enables a person to live harmoniously in their environment. Originally, Feng Shui was passed down from Father to Son as an oral tradition, virtually kept secret among the elite.

Feng Shui has been practiced by the Chinese for thousands of years. It began to gain notoriety in the United States in the last decade.

Feng Shui incorporates ideas of geography, aesthetics, philosophy, ecology, interior & exterior design psychology, physics and astrology. Sizes, shapes and numbers also loom large in the Feng Shui philosophy.

If you have good Feng Shui in your home and business, you enhance the positives in your life while diminishing the negatives. Feng Shui principles are assisting many in obtaining prosperity, health, and improving their relationships.

Five Element Theory

Five Element Theory can be thought of in this way. There is a balance within the planet - earth, metal, water, wood & fire are elements we live with everyday, every season. Up until the last century, we as humans have lived naturally with these elements. Only recently have we created so many artificial materials and environments in which to live. Often we don’t include all five elements within our living area. It is important and healing to have balance and harmony, as nature does, in our living space.

Wood – spring, green, wind, birth, plants and flowers, vision, clear perception, creativity & upward columns.

Fire – summer, yang, red, warmth, joy, compassion, laughter, passion, partnership, maturity, angles & points.

Earth – indian summer, center, yellow, ripe, sweet, still, dry, nourishment, thoughtfulness, service, grounding, rectangles & squares.

Metal – autumn, west, white/silver, inspiration, acknowledgment, respect, to prune, domes & arches.

Water – winter, north, cold, salty, blue/black, deep, wisdom, potency, listening, courage, organic shapes.

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