Feng Shui
– Meaning “wind and water.” The Art of Placement. Bringing balance, harmony & nourishment into the home, garden or workplace using the 5 Element Theory.
– energy, life force, Source, The Tao.
– The feminine principle. Soft, rounded, ambient lighting, darker colors, quiet, deep, night, wet, moon.
– The masculine principle. Light, bright, upwards, angles, bright & light colors, sound, day, dry, sun.

Sha or Shar Chi
– Often called “poison darts” or “arrows.” Harsh energy coming from sharp corners, pointed objects, cabinets, desks furniture and neighboring houses or buildings.

Shen or Sheng Cycle
– Any 3 consecutive elements in a row around the five element wheel. Ex: water, wood & fire or earth, metal & water, etc. Most auspicious!

5 Element Theory
– A theory used by acupuncturists, acupressurist’s and shiatsu practitioners to treat and heal symptoms in the body. Feng Shui uses the same theory in the environment to bring harmonious chi (energy) into the space. A desired feeling of balance is achieved when all five elements are present in the entire home and in each room. Feng Shui is considered “acupuncture for the home.” Elements are earth, metal, water, wood and fire.

– Bagua is a Feng Shui template or map divided into 9 areas or “Life Stations.” Most often you will see the bagua is an octagon shape, the most auspicious shape in Feng Shui.
The 9 divided areas are related to all areas in Life – Career, Knowledge & Wisdom, Health & Family, Wealth & Communication, Fame & Reputation, Relationships, Creativity & Children, Travel & Helpful People, and the center…the Ming Tang (ruled by the Earth Element).

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