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Description on “Life Station” Feng Shui classes

Support your business by enhancing your office space with the principles of Feng Shui. Increase opportunities flowing in your direction and magnetize new referrals. Simple Feng Shui techniques will bring new energy and direction into your business. There are specific items one can place for support, to become recognized by one’s peers for what you do well, bring in new work, clients, referrals and $$$$. Enhance your Workplace / Home Office / Cubical area
Top 10 Feng Shui Treatments to enhance your Work Space area immediately.

Love / marriage / partnership / best friend / business partner / roommate
If you wish to support and infuse this area of your life Feng Shui can provide innovative ideas to enliven not only relationships but this area also includes – your passion, joy, laughter, maturity, compassion…as well as your relationship with yourself and your Higher Self.

Your WEALTH area not only relates to your income, it also includes communication, vision, and growth. This area is also about self-empowerment. If you are looking for someone to take care of you then something is lacking in this area. To be really happy we should stand side by side and not in each others shadow. If we are to reach our full potential, neither one of the partnership should be leaned upon. If someone is keeping you or you are carrying someone, you inevitably lose the power to reach your potential. The wealth area is also related to the hip, gull bladder, impatience and irritability.

Friends, Social Life, Dinner parties, Helpful People & Travel
The Helpful People or Benefactors area. This area is the most Yang/masculine energy in the whole house. It influences our tendency to travel. The helpful people area is also associated with charity and philanthropy. When it is balanced, it emphasizes our qualities of generosity and fairness. When this is out of balance, we can become too attached to things and find it difficult to forgive easily. If you are planning to move it is most useful to balance this area for an easy sell.

This area impacts - Fame / Promotion / Advancement / Reputation / Illumination and Enlightenment. Fame is best known for - publicity, promotion and being recognized by ones peers. Good area to enhance for winning awards, your peers cheering you onward, and being rewarded for what you do well. Your gifts, talents & reputation.

This area relates to your vocation and your life path and all the things you do during your daily duties. This may be working a job from 9 – 5: you may be a full time parent or studying as a student. The career area is sometimes called the “journey” because it relates to everything you have learned and experienced so far in life – including love, study and illness – that has brought you to where you are today. Career area also relates to the health of our bones, kidneys, hearing, constitution & will-power.

This area is the white earth area and relates to study & learning, as well as our interest and ability to assimilate new information and ideas. When we are in balance we are nonjudgmental. We approach situations with an open mind and examine new “things” before we draw conclusions. We are less naive and gullible and are open and flexible. Because this area relates to study and knowledge the atmosphere should be quite still and steady (when we rush around we have no wisdom). Traditionally, it is known as the area that spirits come in through (because it has a very yin atmosphere). Enhancements in this area can influence your stomach, pancreas and hands. Learn how to balance and bring harmony to your Knowledge & Wisdom "Life Station" area with Feng Shui Principles. Very important for children & students.

This area although related to all aspects of health also is connected with our nervous system, the spine and the stomach. It belongs to the earth element. There are specific things one can do to bring in more flexibility, combat addictions, build strength, and enhance health all around.

This area relates to family, past & present. We are energetically linked to our blood relatives. Often members of a family feel the reverberation when something happens. When this area is balanced we can bring healing energy to our family along with peace. This area also relates to the health of the liver, blood, teeth and addictions. New ideas and inspired thought are also connected.

This area relates to our children’s successes and failures; their health and energy, and whether or not we will have any children. It also influences our pets and hobbies. That vintage car in the garage can be referred to as “your baby.” All the things that we do for fun and get excited about emanate from here. This area relates to JOY. If there is no laughter in our lives then we need to see what is in this area. The children area influences the health of your lungs, skin and mouth.

Everything has cosmic energy, known as chi (energy). When chi flows as a meandering path, this causes us to slow down and “smell the roses” and notice the beauty. If movement is blocked, disrupted, trapped in a dead end, funneled through tunnel-like paths (rushing chi), or forced to cascade over obstacles, this causes disharmony and is considered blocked flow and energy. Chi responds and is encouraged or deterred by certain light, sound, color, height, shape, and movement. Using feng shui principles balance and create positive flow while diminishing the negative, therefore enhancing life’s force.

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