By Cheryl Oed,

According to feng shui enthusiasts clutter is the #1 issue for a high percentage of folks. The first Cardinal Rule in feng shui is Clear the Clutter. This is feng shui’s most important step. All clutter collects negative energy. It is considered blocked and stagnant energy wherever it falls on the bagua (feng shui template).

This means the area where the clutter lies is blocking the flow of new energy to come into your life. So, if you’re wondering why ease of flow in some area/s of your life seem to have no forward movement, you probably have clutter in that area of the feng shui template/bagua.

Cleaning and removing clutter means to bring order into one’s surroundings and environment. Organization means that everything, yes everything, has a home…a place where things are returned to. If you don’t know where to place something and it becomes a pile…this means it didn’t have a home in the first place. Professional organizers are people who help assist us in creating “zones.” Zones are places where our personal belongings go (a home for things).

The first step to becoming more organized is to create space for those things that are important. Have plenty of shelves, file cabinets, storage area, boxes, bins; you get the point, to store and place belongings - Throw out broken items. Things that need to be fixed are also attracting negative energy.

Start small with one project a week. Clean one drawer or one corner each week for 6-8 weeks. You’ll be surprised how much better you’ll feel when you let go of “things” and create more breathing room for you and your family. I have seen health issues clear up, more money saved for retirement, new friends enter one’s life, a lover or partner enter the picture, enhanced career, and new opportunities arise. And if your children are restless, can’t find things or can’t focus on homework, there’s probably a clutter problem. Don’t believe what I say, experiment with it and see for yourself!

If this sounds overwhelming then get outside help. There are people whose business it is to help you find unique ways to organize. And there are different kinds of organizers – whether they specialize in office and paper issues, antiques and furniture, or just plain ole “throw it out” helpers -

The fastest way to get your life moving forward is to remove clutter, fix broken things or better yet throw them away and create order. Each time you remove clutter you bring order into a chaotic world. Chances are you’ll think clearer and be more creative.

You can still have a feng shui consultation in spite of clutter. And, although it’s important to organize one’s space, don’t put off having a consultation. This might be the thing that kicks you in gear! Remember, placing FS cures is like acupuncture for the environment, healing the space by bringing in harmony and balance.


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