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Do you know what your reputation is in your community?

The “fame area” in Feng Shui relates to your future. This includes our reputation and being recognized by our peers for what we do well. It represents our progression in life and how people see us in the community. When this area is in balance, one will be able to progress rapidly up the ladder, will enjoy a good reputation, and be well liked and well known.

This area is found by –
Dividing each area into 9 squares, imagine a tic tac toe grid over each entire floor level, each individual room and the entire property. The fame area is on the far center square of the tic tac toe grid when you view that area from it’s main entrance.

The Fame area is ruled by the Fire Element.

Good things to have in this area are the color red, fire elements like candles (especially a pair of red candles) that you light regularly, a light, lamp or lantern, a red plant or flowers and /or art work showing red colors.

Plants sustain and create steady growth. Especially beneficial are hardy red flowering plants like geraniums. Additionally, evergreens are the best Feng Shui wherever they show up in your yard. The fact that they stay green all year around is especially positive.

Other related items good for this area are - a decorative drum or a small trumpet to herald in lucky developments. An ordinary large framed mirror (convex is stronger) is good for doubling the amount energy. This is a good place to burn incense (fire element).

Any thing that catches the sun works well here. Items with mirrors that send the light around the room each time the sun connects - expands plans, ideas & opportunities. Mirrors capture light, which belongs to the fire element and will expand your future plans.

Windmills that catch the wind and spin are great for the outdoor area in this placement. If there is a window in this region, place the windmills just outside in a window box or hang in a tree where you can see the spinning from the inside.

Remember metaphor and symbols loom large in feng shui. Placing a star in each room, no matter how it shows up is a good way to enhance fame and recognition. Stars shine wherever you walk. Suns light the way. A scroll attracts good fortune toward you.

If this area is missing you could be stuck. You may experience no progression in life and probably can’t decide what to do. A missing fame area may also make you very sensitive to what others think and lower self-esteem.

If the area is extended, it would be easier to get a promotion. It is also more likely that you will become famous; people will know your name and business within the community even if you have not met them. You will tend to enjoy a good reputation.

A metal/crystal mobile or hanging combines the elements of fire & metal. Hanging a multi-faceted crystal in a window in this area will help your ideas for the future come to fruition. This is an especially good cure if you are an inventor or a creative “ideas person.” Best used for making your ideas pay well.

Pictures or photos that feature a balloon rising up in the air, a flock of birds flying or even a rocket speeding through the atmosphere to propel your career forward fast and enhance inspiration are especially good.

In your office the Fame area is especially important. An image depicting what you want to be known for or anything that represents what you want your reputation to be is ideal. What do you want to be famous for? A picture of a mentor, you graduating, or being recognized for what you do well, winning awards is a great idea in this placement.

Essential oils or scented candles can be very advantageous particularly if nothing is happening in your life. Best used for creating activity in your career, especially if you need to be noticed. Eucalyptus, orange, mint, rosemary, pine, cinnamon, geranium, ginger, nutmeg, pepper, peppermint are the best single oils to use.

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