By Cheryl Oed,

The EAST sector of the home represents FAMILY and HEALTH in Compass Feng Shui. In the Black Hat Tibetan School of feng shui it is in the middle (1/3 part) left-hand side of your home and each room. This area of the home is represented by the WOOD ELEMENT, so items with the colors green, blue and teal are especially good. Energizing the wood or east sector of your home with lush green accents, such as pillows, rugs, or window treatments bring positive healthy energy to the space.

If the east sector is the living room, dining room, or any room other than a bedroom, it is a great location for a beautiful potted plant as all plants are the Wood Element in the 5 Element Theory. Live plants are considered too yang for the bedroom. In an eastern bedroom use solid wood furniture as well as green accent colors instead.

Wood is nourished by the WATER ELEMENT. It takes water to grow a tree or plant. This is a great place for anything relating to water such as a vase with fresh flowers, a water fountain, fish tank or an image, picture, or painting with water or a water color painting. Remember to keep the flowers fresh and live plants trimmed and healthy looking. Remove any dying plants and leaves as soon as possible. Remember water is a conductor of energy so putting water in the bedroom is not best especially if one has trouble sleeping. In this case, only use pictures of water instead of ‘real’ water items. The flow and or bubbling effect of water in this area can help reduce addiction and release old stagnant energy.

The east is also a great place to put photos of you and your family looking healthy, vibrant and happy. A painting or sculpture showing a group of people is a wonderful symbol. Remember feng shui uses metaphor and symbology. Have fun with it by placing a “peace sign” or a peace lily in the health area bringing peace among family members, to self and peace of mind, body and spirit. If you suffer from constipation de-cluttering the area and putting a lava lamp will support, along with a good diet and plenty of drinking water.

Longevity symbols such as a turtle, deer (strong health), or a statue of Sau, the Chinese God of longevity work well. Fresh fruit, peaches, cornucopia and things that bring abundance to mind are especially good energy. A lamp shining upwards is good for alcohol addiction. Leave it on all the time; it will help to give the addict more energy and to see the light. A green candle can be burned when you want some guidance or when you want send extra energy to someone in need of help. An aromatherapy burner or diffuser has a revitalizing effect on all aspects on health.

Red and yellow flowers placed in glass or crystal is good for strengthening the stomach and the digestive system. Shades red and yellow are the color of healthy skin tones and help to prevent slowing down of organ function. A crystal butterfly or butterflies dancing among flowers symbolize long life, immaculate beauty and keeps us agile and flexible. Cranes, pine (especially good for men’s health), evergreens, tortoise, mushroom and deer also represent longevity and strengthen the mind in old age. Bamboo is seen as a giant old man and when the wind blows it is said the plant bends in laughter and brings a long healthy life with flexibility.

A lotus flower is good for combating depression. The Chinese goddess of mercy, Kuan Yin is said to help those who seek relief from pain and is known as the one who will save those who are lost and hurt, no matter what they’ve done. Kuan Yin is the protector of women and children and keeps children from temptation. Kuan Yin holds a vase that contains the essence, of children waiting to come into the world and she helps those who truly want to have children. Jade worn when traveling protects health.

Remember feng shui is meant to nourish and bring balance into one’s life. Adding feng shui to one’s environment brings harmony and raises healthy chi (energy) creating a sanctuary in which one feels supported. Have fun with it! I delightfully call it “fun shui.”

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