A Feng Shui Consultation consists of a visit to your home, business, personal office, including the landscape or garden area. This visitation can take generally 2 – 5 hours (usually 2 1/2 - 3 hours). The consultant looks around the environment to see where stuck and stagnant energy resides. The consultant helps you diminish the negatives while enhancing the positives using the 5 Element Theory.

We (consultants) create a game plan to open up the environment and invite change into one’s life…producing new direction in the areas most important to you. You will receive a follow-up “check list” of the most important things to implement right away.

The entire property, the building/home, and each individual room/s are divided into 9 “Life Stations” corresponding to life. These 9 stations are career, knowledge & wisdom, health & family, wealth & communication, fame & reputation, relationships & love, children & creativity, travel & helpful people and the Ming Tang or center of the building - the heart.

There is a very practical side of Feng Shui that all would agree makes perfect sense (the 4 Cardinal Rules) and if you only implemented these rules would create a major shift. Then there is the esoteric (sacred) side that magnetizes the things most desired along with change. Then there are the 1001 middle grays in between. I have found this art form most effective in bringing new direction in one’s life.

You receive a package with contents:

• What is Feng Shui?
• Feng Shui Definitions
• Your Personalized Chart/s
• The Five Elements in Our Environment
• Yin / Yang Symbol (explanation of)
• Yin / Yang Principle (which rooms like to be yin & yang)
• The 4 Cardinal Rules (basic steps of Feng Shui)
• Bagua Template / Map
• Enhancements for the Life Stations of the Bagua
• External Environment Treatments
• The Four Animal Spirits
• Explanation of each Chinese Animal
• Top Plants for Clean Indoor Air
• 3 Transcendental Cures
(the most sacred part of Feng Shui)

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