The Four Cardinal Rules are most important basics of feng shui.
This is what anyone practicing feng shui begins with.

1. Cleaning and removing clutter is the most important first step. Negative chi collects around clutter. Disorganization is a sign of stuck and stagnant energy creating lack of flow. The fastest way to get moving into the future is to remove and organize clutter.

2. Create Zen surfaces 49 – 51% clear. This is so that your eyes have a chance to rest in between the paper work on desks for example. Bookshelves that have art pieces in between the books again give your eyes a chance to stop and see something beautiful and rest in between the fast flowing chi bookshelves tend to have. Surfaces 50% clear create space and leave room for new energy, projects and ideas to come.

3. Have nothing broken or fix the broken items. Broken items attract lower and often negative chi. Put a time limit on items you plan on repairing or replace or get rid of them.

4. Beauty – have things that are beautiful around you. If you have a piece of art or furniture that you dislike, it is attracting negative chi.

Cheryl Oed, Feng Shui Consultant

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